Multi-function Intelligent Robot – eDealMentor
Multi-function Intelligent Robot - eDealMentor
Multi-function Intelligent Robot - eDealMentor
Multi-function Intelligent Robot - eDealMentor
Multi-function Intelligent Robot - eDealMentor
Multi-function Intelligent Robot - eDealMentor
Multi-function Intelligent Robot - eDealMentor
Multi-function Intelligent Robot - eDealMentor

Multi-function Intelligent Robot

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  • Moving: Lawrence has 25 degrees of freedom and a humanoid shape that enable him to move and adapt to the world around him. His inertial unit enables him to maintain his balance and to know whether he is standing up or lying down.
  • Feeling: The numerous sensors in his head, hands, and feet, as well as his sonars, enable him to perceive his environment and get his bearings.
  • Hearing and speaking: With his 4 directional microphones and loudspeakers, he interacts with humans in a completely natural manner, by listening and speaking.
  • Seeing: equipped with two cameras that film his environment in high resolution, helping him to recognize shapes and objects.
  • Thinking: We can't really talk about "Artificial Intelligence" with it, but the robots are already able to reproduce human behavior.

Package Content:

  • 1 Smart Robot
    1 remote control
    1 USB charging cable,
    1 manual
    1 1 mini airplane toy
Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Multi-function Intelligent Robot is for you.

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